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What Is Music Therapy?


                                                                                                "Oh, yeah, music therapy--I've heard of that.  Isn't that when you

                                                                                                  bring a CD of relaxing music to a hospital and play it for people

                                                                                                  who are sick?"


                                                                                                "Actually, I'm a music therapist myself.  I've played guitar all my

                                                                                                  life, and sometimes I go to a local nursing home and lead a

                                                                                                  sing-along for the residents.  That's music therapy... right?"


                                                                                                "Hmm, music therapy... So, what do you actually do?  Sit around

                                                                                                  in a circle, holding hands, singing Kum-Ba-Yah?"




Music therapy is an evidence-based, client-centred, goal-oriented practice.  It begins with a qualified (Accredited) music therapist conducting an in-depth assessment to determine a client or group's needs, preferences, and abilities.  The results of this assessment help the music therapist to develop and individualized treatment plan which includes specific goals and objectives.  The music therapist then implements the music-based interventions that will most effectively address those goals, aiming to promote, maintain, and restore the client's cognitive, emotional, physical, social, or spiritual health.  Within the therapeutic relationship, objectives such as self-expression, communication, and personal development can be pursued using music.


Heather Hines, Arpeggio Music Therapy's intern in 2015, explains more about a music therapist's training and what we do in this very cool video!  Click here: It's Music Therapy


Click HERE to download our information package.


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