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Keynotes, Workshops & Public Presentations


Thank you for your interest in our services!  Please see below for a list of presentations, workshops, and program development packages currently offered by Arpeggio Music Therapy.  Other workshop topics may be available upon request.  Please CONTACT US for further information, including fees and availability.


Music as a Care Tool


Learn how to integrate a variety of music-centred activities and approaches into the day-to-day lives of your clients.  Staff from all departments—including management, maintenance, nursing, and more—can play an important role in incorporating music as a core care tool.  In addition to outlining the multifaceted benefits of using music for therapeutic outcomes, staff will participate in a variety of hands-on activities to illustrate the theories discussed.  The goal of this workshop is to assist staff in developing high-quality, effective, concrete, ready-to-implement strategies specific to the needs of their facility and the clients served.

Therapeutic iPod Program Development


Interested in developing an iPod program for your residents/clients?  This workshop guides staff through the following steps:


  • Selecting appropriate participants

  • Recommendations on purchasing iPod models and additional “gear” that meet your facility’s specific needs

  • Strategies for choosing meaningful, person-centred pre-recorded music

  • Technical instruction for using iTunes and developing individualized playlists

  • Provision and unlimited use of iPod Pre & Post-Intervention assessment tool to track each client’s progress/responses

  • Analyzing your facility’s collected data to better understand the benefits for each client

  • Training an “iPod Champion” or team to monitor the program

Maintenance Required: The Caregiver's Guide to Self Care


Have you ever heard the proverb “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot”?  All too often, those who dedicate their professional or personal lives to taking care of others put their own needs on the back burner.  This workshop will encourage you to examine your own root causes of stress, and uses a variety of activities to support you in developing an individualized self-care plan to prevent burnout and ensure you’re able to give your very best to those you’re caring for.



Other topics


Is your facility interested in hosting a professional development session on a topic not listed here?  We may be able to design a presentation to meet your specific needs.  Related topics include:

  • Music as an effective therapeutic medium for a variety of populations (Autism Spectrum Disorder, mental health, geriatrics/dementia, and more)

  • Mental Health

  • Using music for spiritual wellness

  • Songwriting

  • Drumming/rhythm circles

                                                                                     ... and much more!                           

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